Dubai, UAE

Dubai has less than six days of fog each year.  After our nineteen hour journey from Auckland we were diverted fifty miles north of Dubai due to fog.

As we sat on the runway for six and half hours the plane ran out of food.  Having refuelled for a ten-minute flight back to Dubai we landed and waited for another hour and half before the plane could find a gate for passengers to disembark.  By the time we went to bed that night we had been up for forty eight hours but we slept like babies and avoided any jetlag!

Dubai was as glitzy as ever and our son Philip and his partner Georgina took us to Zuma for my birthday.  Delicious!

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One Reply to “Dubai, UAE”

  1. More fun than a barrel of camels! Liking Lizzie’s favorite skyscraper. The first marina pic looks like it was taken at the 47th hour. Happy birthday, you lucky old rascal!


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