Lake Taupo, New Zealand

After a nightmarish rain drenched drive from Napier on single lane roads with large trucks hurtling towards us we reached Lake Taupo where the sun came out to provide a magical sunset.

At the Hilton we grappled with the wi-fi but what we lost in bandwidth the hotel made up for in the restaurant, the enjoyable Bistro Lago.

The next day we visited Wairakei Terraces, Craters of the Moon thermal park and Huka Falls.

En-route to Rotorua we visited Orakei Korako, another geothermal experience.

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One Reply to “Lake Taupo, New Zealand”

  1. Fasscinating pics. Geothermal features reminiscent of Yellowstone in some ways but maybe formed a different way? Nice to see the Tourists, too. Lizzie always takes a fabulous picture. Who’s the guy with her, anyway?


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