Oamaru, New Zealand

Oamaru is a charming seaside town between Christchurch and Dunedin.  In the 1860’s it was a boomtown claiming to be bigger than Los Angeles but the town grew too fast and Wikipedia informs that,” by the time of the depression of the 1880s Oamaru had become the “best built and most mortgaged town in Australasia”.



We stayed at the North Star Motel, not the smartest place to look at but the restaurant served the most delicious rump of Lamb.


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2 Replies to “Oamaru, New Zealand”

  1. Still laughing (hard) after “Omaru Girl Gets Lucky”! Curious screening feature on the North Star Motel (can the star be seen from down under?). Do they keep the elements from blowing into the entries?


  2. The screening was located so that the rising sun did not penetrate into the rooms early morning. Since then we have spent a night on a boat in Doubtful Sound where the weather was very Doubtful as you will see when I post the pictures. Tonight we are in Lake Wanaka, a charming town north of Queenstown famous for inventing the bungee jump!


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