The Mount, Lenox, MA

The Mount was the home of socialite writer Edith Wharton

When we stayed in Lenox we had a great meal at Firefly.

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2 Replies to “The Mount, Lenox, MA”

  1. We were just in Lenox to visit our fellow Alaskan travelers, Katherine Alley and Richard Flax. They have a lovely condo there and they were taking a break from DC the first week in November, before trekking off – with dog – by motor car to Oregon through Oklahoma to visit family in both places. We didn’t stop at The Mount but instead visited the Norman Rockwell Museum with them. Good Memories!.


    1. We were meeting up with friends near Sturbridge but would have loved to gone Norman Rockwell. The days were flying by towards the end of our holiday.

      Please say hello and send our best wishes to Katherine and Richard as we did not get their email address and they are such lovely people.


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