Skagway, AK – White Pass and Yukon Railroad

If one was looking to make a fortune 110 years ago by striking gold in the Yukon, getting a good deal on a rail ticket from Skagway in Alaska to Yukon in Canada was the way to go.

Nowadays, it’s the tourists from the cruise ships that travel these ancient tracks in search of breathtaking views and magnificent scenery.

We travelled through the mountains alongside rivers and waterfalls, over trestle bridges passing by similar rotting wooden bridges, ghostly relics of yesteryear, as we made our way up through the clouds to the summit.

Upon our return we explored Skagway, a town holding onto its Western charm and timeworn buildings, one of the few towns in southeast Alaska with a road link to mainland North America.

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3 Replies to “Skagway, AK – White Pass and Yukon Railroad”

  1. Skagway’s gold rush story a fascinating tale of the frontier – brutal and sad. Sixty thousand suckers who never had a chance from the get-go and the ones that.fed off them – Soapy Smith the most dastardly of them all. It took a good guy with a gun to take care of the bad guy with a gun, just like the NRA still promises! Great clear shots from the rail trip, the only good to come out of it generations later. Clear and evocative highlights of our ride. Thanks!!


    1. Great to hear from you on a Saturday night with little to watch on TV . Family coming for lunch tomorrow, looking forward to it. We have now been back for two weeks, days are turning colder and shorter. Your responses are heartwarming.

      You have a keen interest in The Rolling Stones. I first saw them around the time of they first hit as they were leaving the pub circuit in what later became a very popular venue for recording Classical Music, The Assembly Hall, Walthamstow.

      We also saw their first”Retirement ” concert at Wembley in 1983. I was very jaded when we went and sat through a couple of support bands but they really rocked and still do.

      Have a good weekend.



      1. Mike,
        Sorry for the belated reply. I’m thinking I get a notice that one is waiting, but maybe too many during the flurry of posts for me to recognize this one at first.

        Glad to read you’re back home. The return to “normality” is itself a shock, isn’t it?. Hard to fight against it. Hoping your lunch with family went well. We’re visiting in Harrisburg this weekend to watch the grandkids participate in band concerts and sports. Always great fun.

        Good stuff on the Rolling Stones! You’re depth in their music transcends mine for sure, though I like them plenty. I looked up “Locomotion” to find that you were telling me true (somewhere on “The Ship”) when you said Carol King was behind it, not Motown. My memory of the rsound and Little Eva’s voice led me to reflex Motown. Can you give me it was a Motown sound? I had forgotten how prolific and skilled a songwriter that King was. Apparently Little Eva was a nanny for her children and King wrote the song for her! Thanks for opening my eyes to it!

        Here’s hoping to another fine weekend. DId you get some good pics in New Hampshire?


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