Ketchikan Rainforest and Bear Tour

The rainforest area to the south of Ketchikan is an area where Salmon come to die and where Bears come to feed and occasionally find a live one they can help on its way. A number of rope suspension walkways have been constructed so the guests can observe from a safe distance. We spent over two hours at the site and it was eerie to see bears walking the paths we had trodden a short while earlier. While we did see a number of bears at close quarters and bears flipping salmon out of the river, we did not see leaping salmon being caught by a bear sitting on a rock.

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2 Replies to “Ketchikan Rainforest and Bear Tour”

  1. Really liked the “Crossed Logs” pic. First one sees the logs, then notices the expired salmon, finally the birds in flight. Many layers with a deceptively simple title. Also like the intent, wide open eyes caught on the bear pics. Truly eerie (or ERIE, as in the “Dead Crane” pic). We saw a more benign Ketchikan, having taken a smooth, sunny-day, float-plane trip to an inn on a fjord where we ate Dungeness crab. Yum!! Wished you and Liz could have been there, too.


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