Juneau AK, Rainforest and Whales

This was by far our best shore excursion thanks to the guiding company, Gastineau Guiding and particularly the guide Eric Oravsky.  I had forgotten this was also a photo safari, Eric’s enthusiasm and technical knowledge made this a great tour for everybody from point and shooters to full framers.  He informed an overview on how the rainforest had developed in the last one hundred years.

The Whale chasing boat had side windows that opened up so that photos could be taken without being exposed on deck.

Gastineau Guiding = http://www.stepintoalaska.com/

Eric Oravsky = http://allseasonallterrain.com/

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2 Replies to “Juneau AK, Rainforest and Whales”

  1. Echoed kudos for Eric. He worked in shirtsleeves and good humor while we were bundled up and snapping pics all the while. Mike’s tail shot was no fluke! Actually, it was the only fluke caught by the whale watchers, despite our best, if sorry, efforts. Fanatastic Mendenhall and rain forest shots, too.


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